Love is in the air dropshippers!  With Valentine's Day coming up this week we decided to take a deep dive into our data and see which products have been trending for the holiday in the e-commerce world  

#1: AMORUI Heart Ring

Several products from top-rated jewelry supplier AMORUI saw a spike in demand over the past month, but this ring leads the pack with a solid 100.0 DropScore and nearly 5% uptick in demand over the past month.

Jewelry is often a profitable drop shipping niche due to high margins and a high value / weight ratio, which means strong e-packet availability.  The AMORUI heart ring has e-packet availability to 5 countries and comes in 24 color combinations, which makes its demand this Valentine's day no surprise.  

#2: Glass Dome Lamp with Red Rose

Unique gift ideas are hard to come by, and this artificial rose accent light GERUIT Lighting Store is not something we've seen before.  Clearly a lot of buyers want to live their Beauty and the Beast fantasy as there was a clear uptick in demand for this lamp beginning in January.  Competition saw a similar rise as well, causing DropScore to hold steady at 99.5 indicating a strong dropshipping opportunity despite strong competition.

#3: "If Lost Return to Babe" Couples' Matching T-Shirts

To be completely honest we find this item equal parts cute and cringey.  But who are we to argue with the whopping 21% surge in demand seen by these matching ringer t-shirts since December?  A best-of-breed DropScore of 99.9, margin-friendly price of $8.36 and strong e-packet availability made this the most dropshipped Valentine's Day related product in the "Tops & Tees" category.

#4: Handcuff Choker Pendant Necklace

Nothing says "you're mine" quite like a pair of handcuffs.  This handcuff necklace from top-rated seller "just do my best" is practically made for the "50 Shades" set.  The low price of $1.89 leaves plenty of room for margin, but lack of e-packet availability does complicate dropshipping.

#5: DLoveHome Artificial Wool Fluffy Heart-Shaped Rug

Furniture and household items are often too large for e-packet shipping and therefore poor dropshipping choices, but with free e-packet shipping to four countries this heart-shaped rug makes the cut.

Available in 13 colors its demand score spiked from 86 to 94 overnight in the beginning of this month.  A DropScore of 100.0 makes this one of the very best dropshipping opportunities currently available via AliExpress.