Hello DropSpotters! We're announcing two exciting new features today:

Wildcard Search

This was by far the #1 most requested feature request since our launch two weeks ago. You can now submit an empty search in order to see the top dropshipping results, whether or not you're within a specific category. For example, here are the top watches to dropship. All we did to generate these results was select "Watches" on the category dropdown and click submit--no keywords needed!

Product Detail Pages

From now on, clicking on a product from the search results page will not take you directly to AliExpress. Instead, you'll see a product detail view with tons of more useful data like a full description, product subcategories, ePacket availability and graphs for competition, demand and DropScore over time.

The graphs are especially exciting because they allow you to easily spot trends and seasonal products. For example, here's the product page for a magnetic windshield cover and snow protector. This product just rocketed to the top of our list of hottest products and it's easy to see why. You can see a recent spike in demand which is no doubt due to the onset of winter weather.

We hope these new features will help on your search for the best dropshipping opportunities. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.