After nearly one year and countless cups of coffee, we’re glad to announce the launch of DropSpotter. We’re confident it’s the most powerful tool ever created for discovering the most profitable new products to sell online. We’d like to tell you a little about who we are and what we’ve built.

Our Story

We’re software developers and lifelong entrepreneurs. Two years ago we dove into the world of e-commerce and drop shipping and immediately fell in love with the challenges of this business, from building an audience and finding new products that would resonate to keeping our customers excited and coming back time and again.

Like most beginners in this business, we had a few hits and many misses. When deciding what to sell, we relied on our own interests and gut feelings. That led to a lot of time and money wasted on failed launches and underperforming ads. Most of all, it caused us to miss countless opportunities to sell products we had never even thought of. As computer programmers we knew there had to be a better way...

Data to the Rescue!

What if there was a way to collect tons of transaction data about all the products in the drop shipping universe and use it to take the guesswork out of our business? We could compile a database of products that were already proven to be selling like hotcakes, separating the duds from the smash hits. We could even infer the level of competition for each product and target the markets that seemed least saturated.

So that’s exactly what we did! We got to coding and used our results to carve out a highly successful niche within women’s apparel and accessories, selling everything from swimsuits to socks at higher margins than we had ever expected.

With the sheer volume of data we collected, it quickly became obvious there were far more opportunities out there than it would be possible for us to pursue. The next step was clear: turn our software into a service for other e-commerce entrepreneurs. And so DropSpotter was born.

How it Works

We’ve built a search engine on top of our realtime database which contains transaction data for millions and millions of products. Enter any keyword and we’ll return matching products sorted by DropScore™--our estimate from 1-100 of that product’s profit potential.

Our algorithm takes into account total transaction volume, competition and demand--which are broken out separately on the search results page--along with other factors like seller rating and time on market. Use our advanced search filters to limit products by category, price or e-packet availability. Click on a product to go directly to its AliExpress landing page.

We couldn’t be more excited to share DropSpotter with the world and can’t wait to help other entrepreneurs grow their e-commerce business. And we’re just getting started with tons of new features in the pipeline. As a brand new service we’d love to hear any feedback so please drop us a line at [email protected]

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